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Foundation | Kirovohrad

Foundation | Kirovohrad
  • Foundation | Kirovohrad
  • Foundation | Kirovohrad
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Brand:ПП Варава
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
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Voshchina | Kirovohrad

Voshchina represents rather thin wax sheets with the bottoms and rudiments of cells of bee sot which are squeezed out on both parties. At statement of a framework with artificial waxed in a beehive, bees at first extend rudiments of cells, and then extend them, adding the wax emitted by them. As a result it turns out bilateral honeycombs with the correct ranks of bee cells.

The good artificial voshchina has to be strong, made of pure wax, without addition of any impurity and to have a brilliant surface. Only such voshchina will not warp, be extended or be broken off at statement in a beehive. The strongest voshchina receive at production it in the factory way, by special cars. The plants which are releasing a voshchina produce it such thickness that 1 kg contains 14 — 16 sheets of 410x270 mm in size suitable for a navashchivaniye of a nested framework.

Production of a voshchina
Many beekeepers who are especially living in rural areas experience difficulties in providing waxed the economy. I will share experience of production of a voshchina in the conditions of the economy.

Voshchina turns out by drawing (engraving) a configuration of a bottom of sot on a thin wax tape. The configuration of a bottom of sot is engraved on a wax tape by rolling of the last on engraving rollers. Process of rolling is possible manually (productivity to 20 kg a day) or with the electric drive, at the same time productivity reaches 50 kg/h. It, of course, at certain experience of work.

The source of hot water is necessary for production of a wax tape. Very well the usual individual bath approaches.

The thin wax tape is received in various ways. The most productive method - by means of a wooden drum.
Length of a wooden drum depends on what tape you want to receive. For a dadanovsky voshchina - 300 mm, for rutovsky - 230 mm.
The wooden drum is previously moistened with water. At rotation of the drum liquid wax sticks to a drum and after hardening separates from it. Speed of rotation of the drum is selected so that the wax tape hardened at turn of a drum on a corner of 180-250 degrees. Thickness of a tape can fluctuate from 0,2 to 0,6 mm, and is selected the speed of rotation of the drum and depth of its immersion in liquid wax.
The thin wax film is rolled and missed through engraving rollers, and then sharp is knifed by the necessary size.
Also other ways of obtaining the smooth wax film are possible:
- by an okunaniye previously moistened water of a wooden or plywood plate with sizes equal to the sizes of a necessary voshchina in liquid wax. Thickness of a wax tape is defined by number of okunaniye;
- by rolling of the warmed-up wax ingot through smooth rollers;
- the reinforced voshchina turns out by an okunaniye in liquid wax of a piece of a gauze.

Brand:ПП Варава
Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Food energy: - kJ / 100 g
Information is up-to-date: 20.05.2020
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