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Lattice dividing on beehive

Lattice dividing on beehive
  • Lattice dividing on beehive
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The main destination of dividing lattice - to interfere with pass of uterus or drones in the part of bee nest divided by lattice. The principle of action is based that bees have the smaller sizes in comparison with uterus or drone, and for pass of bees cracks of the smaller size, than to uterus or drone are necessary. 

The lattice is imposed on framework of the main body in the period of weak honey harvest. Width of openings of dividing lattice (4,4 - 4,5 mm) does not allow uterus to get into the upper body or store extension while workers, being more small uterus, freely pass through lattice.

Application of dividing lattices:

For the purpose of receiving comb honey when beehive framework with sections is placed over dividing lattice.

By production of extracted honey for separation of honey extensions from rasplodny part of nest. The dividing lattice increases collecting honey in rather poor district melliferous herbs on average for 60%. In separate adverse years without it in general it is impossible to receive commodity product.

For isolation of queens for the purpose of receiving larvae of one age. It is necessary in matkovodstvo as the full-fledged queen can be brought only out of larvae is not more senior than three days.

Details from dividing lattice are applied to production of matkoulovitel who are put on letka for the purpose of prevention of exit of uterus from beehive during swarming. The swarm which left without uterus returns. This reception is applied in cases when the beekeeper cannot reside on apiary.

In the initial stage of preparation of bee colonies for wintering temporarily to separate the upper body from rasplodny part of nest. But it will yield positive take only in the presence of the blossoming melliferous herbs. Then bees will collect, will seal fodder stocks over dividing lattice, and this framework can be used at final assembly of nest.

For the purpose of removal of queens in families without removal of old uterus. Place inoculative frame in the part of bee colony separated by dividing lattice.

By production of uterine milk.

Removal of queens with use dzhentersky cell.

For short-term isolation of queen in one or two body at two-uterine system of beekeeping and some protivoroyevy methods - for department of rasplodny nest from honey, in particular at Chaykin's method.

When landing swarm via staircases the letok is closed strip of dividing lattice for catching of excess virgin queens.

In industrial beekeeping it is impossible to do without dividing lattices therefore they are necessary element of technology operations in beehives.

Country of manufacture:Ukraine
Information is up-to-date: 20.05.2020
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